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About Green Taxi Cooperative

Green taxi Cooperative was opened in 2015 as the third driver-owned Taxi Company of Denver County. Since then, it has developed a reputation for high quality service and customer satisfaction by partnering with drivers who not only represent the neighborhoods of Denver, but who also own and run the company themselves.

All vehicles that run for Green taxi Cooperative are the private property of drivers who are contracted with company to work as full-time. Although not all drivers own their taxis, they are not only liable for their contract with the company, but also for the cars leased from other owners.

For the passenger who enters one of the Green Taxi Cooperatives, that means that the driver must comply with the rules of his contract with green taxi cooperative and with taxi car owner. Any driver of the Green taxi Cooperative has the qualifications required by Colorado PUC and our insurance underwriters. They are regularly inspected for random drugs, federal, state and local infringements.


A new permit issued under the Federal, State and local Taxi Regulation is to be carried by all drivers for the Green taxi Cooperative. Keep an eye for the vehicle license issued by the Public Utility Commission of the Colorado State, on the taxi’s front window.